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  1. "Rising From Whisky Creek"

    Maker's Mark Distillery, Loretto, Kentucky
  2. "Mr. West's Not A Tulips"

    Frankfort, Kemtucky
  3. "The Mist"

    Lower Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  4. "The Jockies" Panel 1 of 3

    Toyota Bluegrass Stakes 2011, Keeneland; Lexington, Kentucky
  5. "Colors of Glades Creek"

    Glades Creek Grist Mill; Babcock State Park, WV.
  6. "Cumberland Under The Stars"

    U.S. 90, Gene Gatliff Bridge; Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Kentucky
  7. "Dawn Over Cumberland"

    U.S. 90, Gene Gatliff Bridge; Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Kentucky
  8. "Copperheads"

    Woodford Reserve Distillery, Woodford County, Kentucky
  9. "Eye to Eye"

    Private Horse Farm; Midway, Kentucky
  10. "Blast Shield"

    University of Kentucky "Iron Pour" 2011, UofK Fine Art Department
  11. "Barrel Alley"

    Warehouse 'C', Blanton's Bourbon aging warehouse, Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, Kentucky
  12. "Faith Abandoned"

    Puncheon Creek, Jackson, Kentucky
  13. "Foggy Old Capitol"

    Old State Capitol, Frankfort, Kentucky
  14. "The Alabaster Jar"

    Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky
  15. "Old Frankfort's Amber Hue" Panel 1 of 3

    Old Frankfort Pike, between Midway and Frankfort, Kentucky
  16. "Momma's Flowers"

    Thornhill, Frankfort, Kentucky
  17. "Patriots Alight"

    Mount Rushmore National Monument, Keystone, South Dakota
  18. "Hunting A Grand Slam"

    William Fox-Pitt riding Seacookie, 2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, Lexington, Kentucky
  19. "Marbled Marvel"

    Mary King riding Fernhill, 2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, Lexington, Kentucky
  20. "Romeo and Juliet"

    Romeo and Juliet as performed by the Louisville Ballet Company
  21. "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"

    The Nutcracker as performed by the Louisville Ballet Company
  22. "The Princess of Illusion"

    The Nutcracker as performed by the Louisville Ballet Company
  23. "A Bow for Snow"

    The Nutcracker as performed by the Louisville Ballet Company
  24. "A Grand View"

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  25. "Louisville Under The Lights"

    Louisville, Kentucky Skyline
  26. "The Road To Glades Creek"

    Glades Creek Grist Mill; Babcock State Park, WV.

Who Is Wayne Stacy?

Mr. Stacy is a former U.S. Military man, and retired Licensed Master Electrician. He calls himself the "consummate vagabond"; While born in California, he was raised primarily between Kentucky and Texas. As the Third generation child of a family dedicated to military service he has traveled the world as a military dependant, and in his own service to his country. In total he is one of Eight generations of his family to serve his country all the way back to the Civil War, including his mother, and his wife. He has two sons, and one of his daughter-in-laws following in the family heritage of military service, they are all on active duty today. He has two grandsons, and two granddaughters. He calls Frankfort, Kentucky his home, where he lives with his wife, their six dogs, and three cats.

Mr. Stacy has been an artisan all his life. He tells us,..."I have been a sketch artist, and water colorist since a very early age. My grandfather was a sketch artist and I was lucky enough to have inherited his love to draw. And I believe I extrapolated on my interest of art from there". He is a twice published poet, and writer of short stories. He has been a digital graphics artist for almost twenty years.

A Master Electrician by trade, Mr. Stacy was injured on a jobsite accident in 2002; while enduring 4 surgeries on his right hand, he was unable to work, draw, or paint for nearly 3 years. His wife knowing he had studied photography in high school and that it was part of his job in the military, purchased his first SLR in 2003 for his birthday as a therapeutic tool and artistic release. He began to carry the camera with him as they travelled on "day trips" nearly every weekend across their home state of Kentucky. The various natural wonders, historical sites, and festivals becoming their targets of choice. However they started coordinating their destinations around a book he bought for his wife on one of their trips called "Eating Your Way Across Kentucky: 101 Must Places to Eat". As they are both "foodies" the combination of their love for food, and their love to travel instilled a desire to record the memories of the events. The idea was to use the camera to grab snap shots of the locations, and the various eateries along the way for a scrap book. However a "Monster was unleashed in him", as his wife puts it. He has stated "It was quite possibly the best gift I have ever been given. Since the moment I held it in my hands I have been consumed by my passion for the images I strive to capture". Little did she know she would be the catalyst for an insatiable passion.

The path to professional photography began In 2007 when he entered his image 'The Reflection - Cumberland Falls Bridge' into the Kentucky State Parks photo essay competition and won. The next year that print was included in a collaborative coffee table book. Those two instances were the launching pad for his professional career. Since then in a short period of time he has compiled an impressive list of projects, accomplishments, and awards. All of that success begins and ends on his dedication to detail and his perfectionist attitude..."My work goes beyond the fine art photographs I take, to the entire process of presenting my pieces in public. I produce my own prints with 200 year archival inks. I use only the finest 11mil photographer’s papers. I exclusively use Sony professional photography equipment and Canon professional printing equipment. I hand cut all my mats. Since much of my framed work is one of a kind, I handcraft many of my frames. I assemble and mount all my work personally. All of my work is limited to 250 prints of any single image in any size; my work is hand signed and numbered and every print comes with a certificate of authenticity. From the moment I capture an image to the moment I place it in a clients hands, it is truly all my work. I hope those who see my work can leave knowing it was a personal labor of love for me to bring it to them."

When discussing what influences his work and captures his attention he tells us..."I am in constant awe of water, the way it moves, the impact it has on its surroundings, the environments it accentuates, the architecture we create to get around it, to get over it, the forces it creates, and the way we use those forces to our advantage. Waterfalls, bridges, dams, mills, fountains, they all inspire me in my work and they are my favorite images to capture. I try to capture the highs and lows of moments through the separation of light and shadow. I use a great deal of low light, and natural light, and long exposure times to capture many of my images. My other great influences are the monumental wonders of my country. As a very patriotic, former military man our natural landscape and monuments play a strong role in my art. I am also deeply moved by the drama of black and white photography, and it is a large part of my portfolio. I want people to look at my work and believe they were right there with me when I captured the image; to feel the awe, the angst, the joy, whatever the emotional expression might have been."

When asked about why he chose this new direction in his life Mr. Stacy states..."I have a saying I coined early on, once I decided this was the career path I was going to follow. 'One day I want my images to be worth more than the frames I put them in'. I state this because I began this path much later in life than most. After my military service and sixteen years as an electrician I finally gave into this driving passion I have been holding back all my life. I want people to see that my work is a reflection of my love of my country and what it has to offer; to see that even though you start out late, you can still realize your dreams if you work hard to do your best. I want to leave a body of work my grandchildren can be proud to be associated with. I want to leave my family something that may put my grandchildren through college. I want to leave something behind that future photographers can look at and say “I want to go there”, “I want to see and feel what he felt”, “I want to follow that dream”. Being famous has never been my goal. But I have always been a demanding individual when it comes to my personal interests and if I could not do them right, and be the best I could possibly be at them, no matter what they were,...then I had no desire to pursue them."

The images you will find on this website come from all areas of Mr. Stacy's interests, and he has a deep love for the imagery he has captured and displayed here. We hope you find something in his art that brings out those same emotions in yourself.

Thank you so much for visiting the site.